How To: Rainbow Meringues

Rainbows have been the theme of this coronavirus pandemic in the UK, providing optimism and hope throughout these uncertain and scary times. As today marked the last ‘clap for our carers’ for the time being, I thought it would be apt to bake something with rainbows.

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My Vintage G-Plan Sideboard

If you know me, you will know that I’m a bit of a sucker for retro and vintage-esque stuff, particularly furniture. I love quirky bits and bobs that will make my bedroom look like its taken straight from a 1960’s magazine. I fell in love with this g-plan sideboard the moment I saw it on Pinterest yeaaaaaars ago – fast forward a few years and it’s f i n a l l y mine. To buy one online we’re talking hundreds upon hundreds of £££’s (hence why it took me years to find it cheaper).

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Illegal Wildlife Trade Research

The 17th of May marked exactly one year since I handed in my completed 10,000 words research dissertation. I have not yet spoken about university on my blog, and thought now would be an apt time to give a short insight into the course I did and why I chose my dissertation topic.

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I’ve Missed The Beach

Ahhhh the beach, ‘come rain or shine, that’s the place where I am at my happiest. The fresh salty air that refreshes your lungs and the sound of waves as they crash in and out – it’s just so relaxing isn’t it?!

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5 Books On My Lockdown Reading List

Does anyone else have a bad habit of buying an abundance of books, but never actually getting around to reading them? Social media and television have taken over most of people’s ‘me-time’ activities, and I too am guilty of allowing this; the first thing I do when I get out of bed is reach for my phone, and it’s the last thing I check at night – keeping my tired eyes awake until the early hours.

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Book Review: The Keeper of Lost Things *with spoilers*

The Keeper of Lost Things tells the unique story of Anthony Peardew, an elderly man who lost one of his most prized possessions when he was young, a keepsake from his soon-to-be wife who died unexpectedly. As a form of redemption he begins to find other people’s lost items and gives each and every one a story.

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Celebrating VE Day | 75th Anniversary

Bank Holiday Friday marked a very special occasion in Britain and across the world, the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Seventy-five years ago our nation rejoiced as Germany surrendered and the fighting from WWII came to an end. And Friday wasn’t half a glorious day to celebrate it – not a cloud in the sky, every house decorated with red, white and blue bunting, and a strong sense of togetherness (even if the coronavirus lockdown meant we were all kept apart).

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